Baby Shower Postage

Colorful pastel patches hang on strings, each carrying a letter of the word "baby". This cute postage is a perennial favorite, and it's perfect for your baby shower invitations.

A matching "baby patches" baby shower invitation postcard is also available:

Hosting a baby shower?

Give your baby shower and new baby announcement envelopes some POP with these adorable baby themed postage stamps.

Any design can be customized with mom or baby's name - just let us know. Links open in new window where you can personalize your postage and purchase.

Two little baby footprints are shown in cream here against a colorful rainbow background, with "Baby Shower" text, in these small square postage stamps.

A cute little baby head peeks out of an adorable, vintage pink baby carriage, with "baby shower" in a fun, whimsical font and a customizable date.

"Baby Shower" is written in elegant black script on a white circle, against a background that is half pink polka dots and half green stripes.

This fanciful postage in delightful mint green and peach features stars, swirls, a crescent moon, and "baby" in white script.

Green and pink baby shower postage stamps have each letter of "baby" as a cutout of a pink square, with polka dot background elements.

Letters on squares hang on strings in soft pastel colors, spelling out "Baby Shower" in these simple, cute postal stamps.

Ornate, old fashioned, block-style capital letters spell out "Baby" in pastel yellow, blue, pink and green, with a cream accent bar.

Two cute baby footprints are joined by baby shower text that you can customize with your own name, and surrounded by squares in various colors.

A cute, cuddly baby zebra frolics in a grassy spring field in these baby shower postage stamps, against a sky of sunrise colors and fluffy clouds.

A cute, cuddly cartoon tiger is shown against a warm golden sky, with friendly daisies in the corner, in this cute animal baby shower stamp.

A cartoon elephant with big, round ears stands by a river below puffy clouds in this absolutely darling elephant baby shower postage stamp.

A lion with a fuzzy mane and an inquisitive face is shown against soft pastel pink, cream and blue in this animal themed baby shower postage.

These baby shower stamps feature two colored pencil hearts in bright pink and blue float among fluffy clouds with the suggestion of a rain shower.

"Baby Shower" is written in fun, whimsical letters against a patchwork background in these colorful, pastel baby shower postage stamps.

This sage green baby shower postage stamp features a handprint in the background, with white accents - understated, elegant and classy.

A cute little brown puppy dog peeps in at the corner of this fun navy blue baby shower postage stamp. Suitable for both boys and girls!

"Shower!" is written in white script against a bright rainbow background, with raindrops cascading against brilliant sunset colors.

This rainy baby shower postage features a cute little baby holding a "Please come!" sign marked with two pairs of baby footprints.

These baby shower postage stamps feature whimsical letters against a background of alternating green and pink squares.

A little pink lamb with soft, fuzzy wool is shown against a background of blue sky and puffy white clouds, with pink script writing.

This collage style baby shower postage features footprints on a heart, a background of faded writing, and a floral-decorated accent banner.

"Baby" is written on squares of blue, pink and purple, against a background of candy-inspired pink and blue swirls, in this baby postage.

A colorful rainbow is rendered in colorful, cheerful bubbles in purple, red, yellow, green and blue, for bright and friendly baby shower postage.

This rainy day baby shower postage is just delightful, with an umbrella in brushed purple, and a background of clouds, bubbles and hearts.

This baby shower postage stamp features purple and green text in script and simple sans serif, against a background of lilac and green squares.

An adorable baby peeks out of a large colorful flower, with "baby shower" wording and plenty of bright greenery. Add mom's name on the top to customize.

Having a green themed baby shower? Here's the perfect postage: vines hang against a textured background as "shower" is written in a stylish, art deco font.

Purple and lilac diamonds are the argyle-inspired background for this simple, fashion baby shower postage, with a green box containing containing script writing.

A cute snowman with a pink hat smiles among falling snowflakes, while a white banner has "Baby Shower" in a fun font. Add a name to the top to make it custom!

A cute, cuddly baby zebra frolicks on green grass against a sunny yellow sky, while you can personalize this postage with your own baby shower date.

Two adorable little baby footprints are paired with a giraffe in this stylish, pink and green baby shower postage, featuring stripes and script text.

A polka dot border of pale and medium pink unites with a rich chocolate brown background to form this contemporary, colorful baby shower postage stamp.

This baby shower postage, featuring pink ribbons, tiny baby footprints, chocolate brown and pale pink, is fully customizable with the name of the mom-to-be!

Pastel pink, cocoa brown, polka dots and baby foot prints form the background of this cute baby shower postage, which you can customize with your own name!

Capital script letters spelling "Baby" are written on pink and brown blocks in this baby shower postage with polka dot borders. Personalize with the mom-to-be's name.

A cute, yellow baby chick tweets as a heart tree swirls out of a pink box, against a sage green background. The baby shower text is completely customizable on these stamps!

Baby Postage

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