Birthday Postage Stamps for Ages 50 to 79

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These 50th birthday stamps feature 5 colorful, burning candles and "5" and "0" on textured signs. Perfect for mailing out fiftieth birthday party invites!

This simple postage has "50" in big silver text against a navy and light blue background, with pale blue confetti streaming in classy celebration behind.

"The Big 50": In bright red and orange, festive colors, this birthday postage features one large golden candle for "the big five-oh" and tons of smaller candles.

"50" is written with a black & white, crazy retro pattern against a dark, disco style background of multicolored lights of red, green, blue and yellow.

These green Irish fiftieth birthday stamps feature "50" in a friendly shamrock pattern. Perfect for those wishing for the luck of the Irish on their fiftieth birthday!

Perfect Postage makes custom birthday t-shirts, too! This one reads "Fabulous 50" in a ladies' tee, with a gold and blue color scheme, and beautiful, colorful flower design.

The big "5-0" in balloons! These colorful birthday balloon stamps are one of our best selling designs, and it's easy to see why: the friendly balloons and bursts of confetti just scream: "Party!"

Five lit candles are paired with the text "The Big 50" in these fiftieth birthday postage stamps. A dark background and light reflections add a touch of class to these stamps.

"Fabulous 50" is written in shimmery gold against a background of deep and light blue. Colorful, stylized flowers populate the design, making for some truly fabulous 50th birthday party stamps.

These simple 60th birthday stamps feature a classic hat with a blue ribbon, tied in a bow, with "It's A Party" written to make it the perfect postage for mailing your sixtieth birthday party invites!

"60" is written in simple white against a shimmery, brushed background of vivid blue, reminiscent of a monochromatic leopard print, framed with thin white lines in these 60th birthday stamps.

These creative birthday stamps feature glowing candles and two signs reading "60", against a dark night time background. Perfect postage for sending out sixtieth birthday party invites!

These beautiful birthday stamps with stylized pink hydrangeas, elegant swirls, and a light blue accent bar are for sixty-fifth birthdays - the swirly script reads "happy 65th birthday" in pink.

A beautiful, blue and pink 65th birthday card is also available! Pink flowers and floral swirls surround the elegant script. Personalize the inside of this greeting card with your own birthday sentiments!

Wake up to coffee or tea in this 65th birthday mug! The beautiful blue ribbon, cheerful pink flowers and pretty script make for the perfect gift for a lovely woman turning sixty-five.

These beautiful pink and purple 60th birthday stamps feature script in eggplant purple, soft pink roses and small purple flowers, against a dark lilac purple background.

"Happy 65th Birthday" is written in script on a sheer accent bar, over a photo of an exquisitely decorated white cake topped with an abundance of sugar fruit and flowers.

These birthday balloon postage stamps are so colorful and fun; with "65" written in two balloons they are perfect for sending out party invitations! Confetti add a distinctly celebratory note.

These 70th birthday postage stamps are customizable with your own name! Pink flowers join with lilac and purple tones to create these pretty, personalizable birthday stamps.

Pretty purple and silver swirls curl against a medium purple background, while "Happy 70th Birthday" is written in white script in these seventieth birthday postage stamps.

These birthday stickers, with pretty purple patterns and "Happy 70th Birthday" in swirly font, work perfectly with seventieth birthday party mementos, favors, and more!

These 70th birthday golf stamps are perfect for the golfer turning seventy. A golf ball stands in for the "0" in "70" against a golf course green and sky blue background.

"Happy Birthday Dad!" says this postage stamp in a fun font, over "70" written with a number and golf ball...perfect postage for the golfing father's seventieth birthday party!

Perfect Postage makes custom birthday ties, too! This one features the 70th birthday golf ball design repeated in a fun pattern over the tie. Perfect for the golfer with a sense of humor!

These lovely pink and purple flower stamps are perfect for celebrating a 75th birthday. "Happy 75th" reads the script font on a striped purple background, above a pale pink rose bouquet.

Birthday balloons will never get old! Two of these balloons say "75", perfect for mailing out 75th birthday party invitations - guests will know they're being asked to a fun celebration!

The colorful birthday balloon design is also available on pins! This button is perfect as a party favor, gift or memento. The confetti and balloons are one of our favorite designs.

Old relics never die ... funny birthday card to give to car enthusiasts! Inside reads: from one old relic to another. Design also available on stamps, shirts and postcards.

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