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Now you can have the "Perfect Postage Stamps" for birthday celebrations!

Customize your birthday cards, postage or stickers with name, birthdate or however you like! Links open in new window where you can personalize you birthday postage and purchase. FREE Customization - Just add your your name on stamps to make a special birthday celebration.

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A candle flame decorates this birthday postage for any age! A deep blue background, swirls, and "Birthday" in a 1920s style, whimsical font complete the look!

"Party!" These fun, funky postage stamps are festively decorated with colorful blocks for each letters, in an assortment of cool fonts.

This "Happy Birthday" postage is refined and elegant, suggestive of the Victoria era in the parchment paper, peacock feather quill, butterfly paper weight and ornate corners.

These "Happy Birthday" stamps feature glowing candle flames and a swirled frame with a border of swirly and floral patterning, against a sunset background.

Gold tones and an assortment of decorative elements, including a bright candle, floral elements, a butterfly and beaded swirls, are the theme of these birthday stamps.

"Celebrate!" Four charmingly hand-drawn hearts with swirly tails in pink, lilac, violet and red are paired with a scribbled border in this sweet celebration postage.

A chocolate cake with pale pink flowers and swirls is the focus of this birthday postage, along with round, girly flowers. Personalize the "Happy Birthday" box with the birthday girl's name!

A grand, four tiered white cake with deep purple accents is topped with beautiful flowers in these purple "Celebrate" USPS postage stamps. Add your own name to make it custom!

This retro daisy cake postage is perfect for birthdays. A white cake decorated with hearts and a daisy joins with a cream daisy background, that you can personalize with a name.

A bright pink cake decorated with retro flowers in blue, purple, orange, pink and green is the focus of these birthday cake stamps. Perfect for pink cake lovers!

"Happy Birthday" is written in fancy script font against a lilac purple background, with flower accents. Perfect postage for sending out those birthday invitations!

These colorful "fiesta" postage stamps is decorated with Mexican inspired patterns, both evocative of indigenous culture, and surprisingly modern with their bright color scheme.

This colorful bouquet of peach, purple and peach makes for pretty and sophisticated birthday postage, with "Happy Birthday!" written in casual script on a sheer purple accent bar.

"Happy Birthday" is written in script on a yellow cake, decorated with many small candles. The purple background and creamy vanilla of the cake are the perfect color scheme!

An indulgent chocolate cake decorated with chocolate shavings, whipped cream and rolled chocolate wafers looks sweet enough to eat in these "Happy Birthday" USPS stamps.

This colorful birthday postage design features rolling hills of dusky blue and gold and a row of many candles along the bottom. Customize the "Happy Birthday" box with a name!

"Surprise!" This surprise party postage is perfect for sending out invites to a surprise party! Two blue eyes glow in the dark, with a single birthday candle, waiting to surprise!

This purple, orchid themed "Party!" postage is pretty and elegant. Beautiful orchids and plumeria decorate this wonderful stamp in shades of lavender, lilac, and deep blue.

This colorful yellow and purple birthday postage stamp features "Happy Birthday" in script and serif fonts, a bright yellow lily and a vivid purple iris for fresh, colorful envelopes!

This simple and iconic birthday postage features eight candles, two tall and six short, glowing in a darkened room, waiting to be blown out in a birthday celebration!

"Birthday Party!" is written in elegant script, joined by a row of lit candles and a few colorful presents in this sleek birthday party postage design.

"Birthday Party" is written in stylish, swirly white script with pink, purple and orange birthday balloons against an artistic, brushed pink and peach background.

Here's a happy birthday design with a little bit of jewels, bling, embroidery, sewing and LOTS of colors. Perfect for fun birthday invitation stamps for the jewelry diva or scrapbook queen.

A couture cupcake, tempting chocolate with orange-colored vanilla icing from Bella Cupcake Couture, looks yummy and delicious in a brown damask cupcake wrapper.

Birthday Postage

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