Birthday Postage Stamps for Teens

Sweet sixteen indeed! This 16th birthday card, which can be used as a greeting card or as an invitation, and matching postage feature rows of delectable chocolate treats, perfect for the chocolate loving teen!

"11" floats cheerfully in these colorful balloons, perfect for an eleventh birthday party. Use these postage stamps to mail your birthday invites!

An explosion of confetti adds a fun feel to these colorful birthday balloon stamps for a twelve-year-old. Pink, purple, yellow, blue and green balloons float against rainbow colors.

For the kid just turning thirteen, here's a fun and vibrant postage stamp, with five balloons in different colors against a multi-colored background.

This Quinceañera postage is perfect for the traditional Latin American coming-of-age celebration, held when a young girl turns 15. Cream and lilac and the perfect feminine color scheme.

This 15th birthday postage features five colorful balloons and a burst of playful confetti, making for awesome and jubilant stamps to mail your birthday party invitations.

"Quinceañera" is written in white script, joined by a big "15" and a silver tiara, all against a deep red background in these fancy, elegant and classy Quinceañera postage stamps.

"Sweet 16" is written in an elegant script font against a red background, joined by a shiny silver tiara to symbolize your coming of age at a fancy Sweet Sixteen party!

Sixteenth birthday balloons in bright colors are joined by festive confetti against a rainbow colored background. Perfect postage for a rockin' 16th birthday party!

"Sweet Sixteen" is written in retro script against a starburst background of vivid red and strawberry pink starburst in these Sweet 16 birthday stamps.

Customize this "Sweet Sixteen" postage with your own name! With swirly script, classy flourish elements and a star, these red and white stamps are pretty and sweet!

"Sweet Sixteen!" is written in flowy script while rows of elaborately decorated sugar cookies in bright and pastel pinks, blues and yellows really highlight the "sweetness"!

A bright, strawberry pink birthday cake is decorated with blue, purple, orange and green flowers in these birthday cake postage stamps. Great for any teen's birthday party!

These 17th birthday balloon and confetti stamps are very colorful and fun, and will really make your birthday invitation envelopes stand out in the mail!

For a fun 18th birthday party, use these birthday stamps to mail out your birthday party invites with colorful balloons, falling confetti, and a rainbow background.

The brightly colored balloon theme of these birthday stamps are great for an older teen's birthday! Even for a 19th birthday party, balloons and confetti will never go out of style.

Magnets, Keychains, & More!

This Sweet 16 keychain is the perfect present for the new driver! Personalize it by adding a name at the top using the "Customize It" tool!

This customizable Sweet 16 magnet, featuring cute floral elements and a pink and brown color scheme, is perfect as a party favor or memento. Add your own name to make it custom!

This Sweet 16 keychain is the perfect gift for the girl who's about to get her driver's license. Really play up the sweetness with this picture of delectable chocolate desserts!

Rows of star-shaped sugar cookies surround one pink sugar cookie, decorated with "16". These Sweet 16 stickers are perfect for the sweets and sugar loving birthday girl!

Birthday ties are also available from Perfect Postage! For the 18 year old, get a birthday tie with big colorful balloons, confetti and a rainbow colored background with "18" in the balloons.

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Birthday Postage

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