Christmas & Holiday Pet Photo Card Templates

Easily add your own favorite dog photo to these vibrant photo cards - just upload a picture, move around to fit as you like and add text. Variety of text fonts and colors to customize however you like.

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Featured: For the pet perfect, personalized Christmas, here's photo card templates with bright Holiday themes.

"Peace on Earth..." Showcase your favorite dog (or kids!) photos with this nice Peace on earth pet photo card template, with red, green, and cream colors and a swirly font. You can also personalize the text!

"Naughty...or Nice?" This perennial favorite has two photos you can customize, with your "naughty" dog photo, and a "nice" dog photo - this can be a two dog Christmas card, or just one dog with multiple personalities!

Design your own pet photo holiday card - Your dog will look perfect with her own photo card designed just for her! Red ribbon bow with bright green accents and plenty of room to customize. Just upload your favorite pet photo and customize however you like.

Have a furry friend who is wanting her own Christmas photo cards? Look no further than this fun pet photo template card - complete with candy cane stripes, Merry Christmas in gold fun font and dog bone that you can customize with your dog's name.

"Sleep in heavenly peace..." This classic, simple Christmas photocard can be customized with your own holiday message, family name(s), and chosen doggy photo! (Works best with a sleeping dog...)

Red and white stripes, reminiscent of candy canes, a red ribbon on which you can write your own holiday message, and your pet's photo all come together to make a simple but charming holiday card.

"Ho Ho Ho!" Colorful, glowing Christmas lights in green, blue, red and yellow, a place where you can write your own Christmas greeting, and a customizable dog photo make for a great, stylish Christmas photo card.

Red and green argyle, bright Christmas lights, and "Ho Ho Ho!" are accompanied by a custom message and photo to make for cute, charming Christmas photo cards in red and green. Easily add your own pet's photo and name!

"Dreaming of a White Christmas!" White snowflakes fall softly in a light blue December sky in this Christmas photo card with brown accents, which can be customized with your own pet's photograph and seasonal message.

This pet holiday photo card template has a blue paw print background, perfect for sending out photos of your dog to celebrate the holidays! All text is customizable with your own pet's name and holiday sentiment.

This is a great Christmas card for your pet! With the Christmas lights and bright pine needles, this custom photo card will give the impression of your dog, or cat, all nestled up in the Christmas tree.

Bright green evergreen needles and a red frame and ribbon set off your own pet's photo and text. The evergreen needles look like they're just begging to be scratched and sniffed!

This fun, red and green pet themed Christmas photo card will be perfect for displaying your favorite dog photo in full holiday festivity, with swirls and colorful, glowing Christmas lights.

"Seasons Greetings..." This merry holiday photo card features pretty Christmas lights, fun red swirls, red and green ribbons, and a customizable photo that you can replace with your own dog's photo!

This Christmas tree pet photo card template is super colorful and pretty, with trees of blue, green, pink, purple, lavender, salmon, and gold, and sparkling snowflakes falling slowing. Add your own pet photo!

This pretty, serene "Merry Christmas" pet photocard features a forest of beautiful green pine trees in evening snowfall, and you can change the photo and text to depict your own pet and family!

"Naughty or Nice? ... Naughty!" For some holidays laughs, send this pet photocard with a photo of your beloved family dog marked as "Naughty" against a blue background of doggy paw prints.

This red and white photocard with an ornate, fancy snowflake can be customized with your own dog's photo and name for a personalized, do-it-yourself elegant holiday pet photocard.

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