Santa Claus Postage Stamps

In this small Christmas stamp, a vintage ornament of Santa and a cute little girl are decorated with gold glitter, a red velvet Santa hat (with a reindeer bell on the end!) against a dark green Christmas tree. It's the perfect, old-fashioned Christmas postage!

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Santa and Mrs Clause hold a Christmas present as they perform a merry jig, in their traditional bright red and white outfits, in these cute and joyful holiday stamps!

A team of reindeer and Santa's sleigh, silhouetted against a pale blue dusk background, take off up a snowy hill, led by Rudolph in these "Merry Christmas" stamps.

A traditional Santa Claus comes bearing gifts of gold and red, glowing with happiness and joy to spread to all, on this fun Holiday postage stamp design.

"dear Santa" is written in the scrawled writing of a child on lined paper, while candy canes and sweet treats dance below. Perfect postage for sending that letter to the North Pole!

This "Santa's Helper" postage from thesantashop has a whimsical, plump little elf in a Santa outfit with a sack of toys in the falling snow.

Santa smokes a pipe at the north pole in this cute Christmas postage by karyn_lewis, with a sack of presents and the Northern lights dancing faintly behind.

Santa climbs down a chimney with a bag of presents, sleigh and reindeer on the roof, and "A Merry Christmas" in swirly script, in these vintage Santa Christmas postage stamps by pjwuebker.

Santa Claus peers and waves in the window in these fun and friendly Christmas stamps by SantasCloset, with a giant candy cane, mistletoe, and a "Merry Christmas!" card.

A whimsical, stylized and colorful painting of a Santa Claus with a bag of presents is the focus of these Christmas stamps by Lucia_Salemi.

Santa Claus chuckles in these vintage, old-fashioned Christmas design from KRWHolidays, surrounded by holly and snowflakes and reading a Christmas book.

This Victorian-era, old Europe style Santa Claus from pjwuebker has a silver and blue robe decorated with silver stars, carrying toys for the children, in these delightfully vintage Christmas stamps.

This country style, patchwork quilt Santa Claus from mainstreetshirt has a special whimsy and charm as he waves and carries candy and toys to all the good little girls and boys.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa ice skate gaily along under hearts and mistletoe as a bird watches in these fun, country Christmas stamps by RainbowCards.

A big Santa penguin in a red hat, and two little elf penguins in green hats, look cute and cuddly in these snowy winter, Christmas postage stamps by HahpiStuff.

Santa Claus does the Rockettes' dance with four reindeer in these funny Christmas postage stamps by pjwuebker. Sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

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