Valentine's Day designs to fit your heart's desire ...

Whether you love sugar cookies, love birds, chocolate or the environment, you can have a design to fit your special Valentine's Day!

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Featured: "Valentine" in white script with bright red heart and glass block background. Icy and hot design will be a hit with your Valentine

An adorably scribbled heart in the palest sweet pink floats against a sky blue, painted background with notes of violet in these simply beautiful Valentine's heart stamps.

Hearts of many colors flock upwards against a pale golden sky, while "Valentine Mail!" is written on a sheer banner below. Perfect stamp for mailing your Valentine's Day cards!

"Be My Valentine!" A bright red heart textured with the faded handwriting of a love letter is the star of this fun, fresh design, with hearts falling like rain in the background.

These collage-style heart postage stamps feature hand-drawn hearts, hearts with swirls, floating bubbly hearts, and "LOVE" in various shades of dark red, light red, and pink.

Love Birds: Two lovebirds, sky blue and vintage cream, are joined with a pink heart, perched on a branch decorated with the letters of "LOVE" in circular buttons.

A big Valentine's heart is decorated with vintage swirls in soft pastel colors of pink, gold and purple against the muted background of these heart postage stamps.

Two fish, one of electric yellow and one of polka-dotted lime green, nearly kiss as a love bubble rises between them, with "Love is in the air" in a fun font.

Delicate pink and white orchids cluster artistically against a rich black background, under a Chinese love symbol, in these Asian-inspired love themed postage stamps.

This special Valentine's stamp features star-shaped sugar cookies are laid out deliciously in a row, with one light pink cookie standing out from the rest - just like your Valentine.

A cut-out heart in three layers bears a script "Love" and is strung on a dark pink ribbon against a background containing snowflakes, sparkles, and a love letter.

This romantic, collage-style love postage has "Be My Love" on different scraps of paper, with rich patterns in squares, hearts, stripes and ribbons, with a white dress and cake.

"Love" is written in delicate white script against a brushed maroon and deep red with wispy brush strokes, in these deeply romantic, simple postage stamps.

A row of simple pink hearts forms the bottom border of this chocolate brown postage stamp, which you can personalize with your own message, names, and more!

A glowing wooden heart is placed against burnt yellow, red and gold, with the word "love" in brush stroke font, in these Valentine's Day postage stamps.

"LOVE": Victorian style capital letters, intertwining with flowers, are each set in their own corner in this pale green and white Love postage stamp.

"Valentine" is written in ornate, super swirly type, with two pink hearts and white swirls against the dark red background of this Valentine's Day postage.

Two vintage pink, frilly hearts with "Be My Valentine" and flowers, old-fashioned handwriting, and stripes make the perfect stamp for your Valentine's Day mailings.

A single red rose, with unfurling petals of deep, vivid crimson, makes for a perfectly simple, perfectly romantic, perfect for Valentine's Day small square postage stamp.

This cute pink postage stamp is actually customizable with your own names and photo to grace the subtle, beautifully colored pink and cream stained glass, or snakeskin, pattern.

"Love is in the air" is written in super swirly, dark pink font while fluttery hearts of red, purple and green float in the air, in these cute love themed postage stamps.

This vintage heart postage stamp is perfect for Valentine's Day, with soft pink hearts outlined in coffee-stain brown behind old-fashioned writing.

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