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Featured: Floral Swirls Wedding Invitation

This vintage, old-fashioned wedding invitation in romantic cream, with a subtle pink accent, features two big hearts and a sprinkling of floating, smaller hearts, faded script handwriting, lace, and a vintage grunge feel.

Calla lilies, in romantic and classy cream and brown, feature prominently in this vintage inspired wedding invite. Old fashioned handwriting is screened faintly in the background for a charming touch.

A single calla lily rises dramatically in crisp white in the corner of this simple white wedding invitation. The beautiful swirl of another calla lily is screened in the background to complete the theme.

These simple, light green wedding invitations have a subtle but classic ornate damask background, all in an elegant square shape. Plus, it's printed on recycled paper by default - a real "green" choice!

This square, blue and cream wedding invitation features an ornate floral background, full flowers blooming on stately vines, while the wedding invitation wording is written in alternating script and serif fonts.

This green and shiny metallic gold wedding invitation has a thick, textured rich green border, and floral accents of swirling vines and leaves, for a simple and stylish green and gold look!

The black and silver vintage damask really makes this wedding invitation, with its ornate, almost fabric-like pattern. The rest of the invitation is balanced by simple black text on plain silver.

Love on the beach: this square wedding invitation is based on one of our most popular designs - the two hearts drawn, intertwining, in the sand, while blue waves roll gently against the sandy shore.

This beach wedding invitation template with crystal blue waters, white sand and a tropical tree branch can be personalized with your names and all your wedding information.

A fresh, vivid pink tulip makes a stunning appearance in the corner of these otherwise simple, spring wedding invitations, on warm champagne metallic paper for extra elegance.

Soft deep yellow gold sunflower with dark brown cocoa accent bar and green background. Font includes both a fun decorative script and an easy to read text for visual interest. A fresh breath of country air ...

These black and cream wedding invites have a soft, romantic feel, with two white orchids setting the mood. Old-fashioned look, yet stylish enough for today's bride.

A soft, ethereal pink rose is the background for this sweetly romantic pink wedding invitation, while the wedding invite wording, in script and simple serif fonts, is outlined in a simple frame.

A soft white, unfolding rose bud is the center of this cream colored wedding invitation, gentle and romantic with its eloquent rose imagery.

A bouquet of bunched cream roses is the background of these stylish wedding invitations. A wide cream ribbon runs down the center of the invitation.

This floral wedding invitation features a pale rose background, with rustic, art deco style frame accents in dark gold.

These elegant damask wedding invitations feature ornate black and white damask borders, edged by a red accent.

Bright flowers in a blue pot, spotted in Santa Fe, NM, against a patterned adobe background invite guests to an event with a southwest character.

Peach and rose colored flowers in watercolor style frame an elegant invitation to an unforgettable and beautiful wedding.

Cherry blossoms in delicate shades of mauve, dusk purple, heather and cream float serenely in the breeze in this beautiful contemporary wedding invitation.

A line drawing of the eiffel tower provides a whimsical and modern touch to this vintage-style Parisian themed wedding invitation!

Simple, sleek modern design in purple and silver invite guests to an unforgettable and unique wedding celebration.

Charming serif and elegant script fonts come together in this simple, classic, elegant wedding invitation featuring an oversized damask border and background.

This wedding invitation has a vintage, old fashioned feel with old-timey letter design, including elaborate script elements and a decorative banner.

Elegant lineart of a bride is the focus of this fun and fashionable wedding invitatio, shown here on fancy, shiny silver metallic paper.

An off-center elegant flourish lends a sense of classic style to this fancy, but simple wedding design. Customize the text with your own accent color to make it unique!

Elegant lineart of a bride is the focus of this fun and fashionable wedding invitation, shown here in thin silver against a black background.

Charcoal grey and white are the colors of this seriously scripty, square Save the Date wedding announcement, bordered with ornate flourishes.

Sky blue and baby blue make for an ethereal, heavenly combination in this square Save the Date, featuring script and scroll elements.

Romantic, old-fashioned cream and sepia are the colors for this swirly Save the Date invitation, with script and scrolly flourish decorations.

This metallic gold wedding invitation features an old fashioned drawing of grapes on a vine with a grape purple textured background. The dark purple oval includes a customizable monogram.

These metallic, champagne colored wedding invitations have an old-fashioned, vintage grape drawing, a personalizable monogram that you can change, and text against a grape purple textured background.

These skinny, metallic silver wedding invitations are super stylish, yet refer to old-fashioned, classic taste with a vintage grape vine drawing and monogram you can personalize yourself.

This elegant black and white swirl design, with small swirl accent, is perfect for a simple yet stunning wedding invitation. Silvery metallic paper lends a beautiful touch.

The elegant black swirl design is paired with a metallic, pale seafoam green background in these simple, square wedding invitations.

Thin wedding invitations are so elegant, and the swirly floral decorative accents add contemporary, stylish charm against a beautiful gold background.

This black, red and silver wedding invitation is so stylish and modern, yet has an old fashioned poster feel with old-timey letter design.

Red, white and blue are the perfect colors for a nostalgic vintage theme, including elaborate script elements, a decorative banner, nautical stars and a swirly ampersand.

This vintage poster style wedding invitation design in dark aubergine purple, with its lavish, dusky coloring, is perfect for a Hollywood themed wedding.

This rustic poster-style wedding invitation with a western feel, in deep chocolate brown, burgundy red and cream, will make a bold statement.

With a sandy cream and shades of sea blue and green color scheme, these poster wedding invitations have a retro feel, and are perfect for the vintage beach wedding.

This poster-style wedding invitation, in sophisticated and cozy cream, pale strawberry pink and chocolate brown, will invite guests to your wedding in a unique and stylish way.

Swirls, reminiscent of a heart, billow and curl about a charcoal black hand-drawn Eiffel Tower against lavish, floral black and white damask in this Paris inspired wedding invitation.

"Damask Parisienne" wedding invitations: a romantic red hand-drawn Eiffel Tower is shown against lavish, floral honeysuckle and cream damask, with a French love poem is faintly inscribed in the ivory background.

"The Great Wave Off Kanagawa": the famous Japanese woodblock print by Hokusai shows a giant wave dissolving into fractal fingers of foam, releasing charming bubbles of sea spray, in this unusual and artsy wedding invitation.

This wedding design is a playful fusion of contemporary sensibility with vintage, old fashioned motifs, convincingly united by a grunge aesthetic, featuring a beautifully intricate floral damask border.

These wedding invitations in vintage lilac purple and rustic cream delicately balance simplicity with complexity, a contemporary design inspired by old-fashioned floral damask.

The combination of minimalist text and background with an intricate, shimmering, vibrant emerald green damask border, like bright spring greenery dappled by the sun, sets this wedding invitation design apart.

These "vintage charm" dusky purple wedding invitations feature a dusty purple striped background, and a simple, elegant cut-out cream frame placed over a darker eggplant purple ribbon.

A rich chocolate brown striped background pairs perfectly with a simple, elegant cut-out cream frame placed over a tiffany blue ribbon, to make for vintage-inspired yet contemporary wedding invitations.

This save the date card features a striped cream background on which a darker cream ribbon bears a white emblem with scalloped edges, which looks like a paper cut-out, framing the words "Save the Date!"

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