Wedding Envelope Sticker Seals

Dress up your event quickly and easily.

Two sizes to choose from:

  • Small: 1 1/2"
  • Large: 3"

Add your names or date to any design to personalize your own wedding stickers!

We recommend custom postage with envelope seals to dress up both sides of your wedding envelope. Classic and personal! (Anthracite metallic A7 envelope from:

Stickers and envelope seals are versatile - use them on napkins, back of envelopes, scrapbook pages, labels for your wedding dvd ... and more! Select any image below for larger preview and purchase. Great decoration idea for bridal showers!

FREE Customization on wedding stickers!

A bouquet of white calla lilies decorate a beautiful wedding cake in this popular envelope seal design.

A double white rose looks serene and stately in these wedding envelope sticker seals.

Create your own wedding stickers- add photos or text to this wedding sticker template.

"Tulips Together" stickers: two pink tulips intertwine in this colorful, customizable envelope sticker seal.

A perfect, single cream rose close-up is the focus on this round envelope sticker, with its pretty, swirling petals.

An ethereal and soft white bridal rose is the background for a monogram initial that you can personalize yourself online.

Vintage cream and pink is the color scheme of this envelope seal, with two hearts and editable "Bride and Groom" and wedding date.

A close-up photo of a pink tiger lily makes for a simply stunning envelope seal for weddings.

A classically beautiful, vintage pink rose in soft focus close-up is the perfect background for this sticker seal - customize with your own names!

A delicate lilac hangs before a light purple background of faded handwriting, with text saying "Bride" - you can personalize this with your own name or message.

A vibrant, unique golden yellow rose is paired with a cream accent bar containing customizable "Bride & Groom" text.

The sweet swirl of a soft pink wedding flower is the background for these personalizable "Bride & Groom" wedding envelope seals.

A perfect peach rose blooms behind a pink and peach banner, with a swirly ampersand joining two names - you can personalize with your own names.

An unfolding peach and cream rose is the background to this custom wedding sticker, which you can personalize with your own wedding date.

A bouquet of peach roses and baby's breath in soft, watercolor style: customize the tan banner with your own names and/or message.

Two golden hearts softly touch against sunset colors in this memorable wedding envelope seal, which can be customized with your own names.

A gorgeous bouquet of beautiful white calla lilies is spotlighted against a chocolate brown background in these distinctive wedding envelope sticker seals.

Four slender calla lilies rise against a dark background in this stately and lovely wedding envelope seal.

Cream petals and blue berries: a pinstripe, translucent blue banner can be customized with your own monogram initials, in script.

A single pink rose sweetly unfurls with perfect petals in this simple, pretty envelope seal for weddings.

A blooming orange rose fits perfectly in this circle wedding sticker; you can personalize the pinstripe cream accent bar with your own names.

A golden clover against a dark green background says, "Luck of the Irish", and beneath you can customize your own names. Perfect envelope seals for Irish weddings!

White bridal dress with pink buttons and gray accent. Perfect stickers for your bridal shower decoration.

A black and white stylized groom tux on a sticker that says, "Groom" - perfect decor for showers and more!

Two hands embrace a heart in the symbolic claddagh ring, in these simple gold and white wedding envelope seals.

This wedding sticker, with a white hydrangea flower background and a sage green pin stripe accent, can be customized with your own names.

A silver claddagh ring against a white background is perfect for Irish weddings. Personalize these sticker seals with your own names!

These envelope seals, perfect for beach weddings, feature a tropical palm tree silhouetted against a sunset sky and dark ocean.

This romantic tropical wedding sticker says "love" in script, against a majestic sunset over a tropical ocean.

"Love on the beach": two hearts etched in the sand, intertwining, while waves lap gently in the background: add your own names to make it custom!

A luxurious, vibrant, fully flowering red rose is the sole focus of these round wedding envelope seals.

These custom envelope seals, ideal for wedding invitations, feature the center of a pretty pink rose, and can be personalized.

There's a wonderful use of light in these wedding stickers; a deep red, textured background gives way to a cream banner.

A script "love" in white is paired perfectly with a dark textured background in shades of maroon, red and burgundy.

These deep blue wedding sticker seals feature customizable names in simple white, with the perfect, delicate white floral accent on the left.

A lilac is poised delicately against a background of vintage handwriting, while you can personalize a deep aubergine purple banner with your own names, in script.

Simple hearts: two pink hearts intertwine against a white background, the perfect, sincere symbol of love for your wedding envelope seals.

A bouquet of perfect white roses looks beautiful on these envelope seals, while pink script text can be customized with the bride's name, or another custom message.

These wedding envelope seals are perfect for musicians' weddings; a single red rose is paired with the couple's names, while piano keys eloquently border the bottom.

These monogram "S" wedding stickers feature beveled script against a delicate cream rose background.

Simple black and white monogram letter "S" wedding envelope seals will make for a classy, elegant touch!

A simple, black script monogram initial "S" is placed against a white background in these stylish black and white monogram wedding stickers.

A white monogram initial "A" is spotlighted against a deep red background, and paired perfect, simple white floral accents.

A thin, sans serif letter "A", along with simple flower and leaf motifs, is the focus of these envelope seals, in deep sapphire blue and simple white

A simply cream monogram letter "A" has a soft, luxurious look when paired with an aubergine purple background.

A green glass background, with some cheerful four-petaled blooms, is united with a couple's names in modern font - which you can edit yourself.

Perfect stickers for Vegas weddings, as envelope seals or decoration: "Vegas", in gold script, with two perfect hearts, against a deep black background.

An ornate script monogram initial "H" is a clean white against soft grey, with a lavish border of sparkling diamonds.

These "Thank You" stickers feature elegant script in mauve, against a cream flourish and textured pink background.

These stickers, featuring a blue seashell wedding cake against a beach background, would make the perfect envelope seals or decorations for a beach themed wedding.

"Bride" is in simple pink script against a plain white background in these wedding stickers, perfect for shower and other decor.

An ornate green damask border is paired with cream script to make for elegant, fancy wedding envelope seals. Customize with your own names!

An elaborate red floral pattern border is paired with cream script names to make for lavish wedding sticker seals, which you can personalize with your names!

Periwinkle and royal blue are the colors of these wedding stickers, with damask patterning and brown script text that can be customized.

These cream and tan patterned wedding stickers have a vintage, ancient look to the border, and the deep brown text can be personalized with your names.

A silver gray central circle frames the bride and groom's names, and is paired with light silver and white floral patterned border, in these wedding seals.

Sage green and eggplant purple striped patterned damask stickers with bride and groom's name. Easily change to your own names on this design.

A vintage script monogram is placed on a deep black, studded circle, against an old-fashioned charcoal gray damask pattern in these fancy wedding envelope seals.

An explosion of cherry blossoms bursts against a green and blue background, with a shining lantern nearby, for a bit of fun asian inspiration in these wedding sticker seals.

A simple script monogram letter "E" against a vivid apple red pin striped background makes for a simple, but striking, monogram envelope seal.

A five tier, white wedding cake with flourishes, two hearts and a white flower topper, against a black background. Perfect for envelope seals or other wedding decorations.

These wedding stickers are a soft sage green with floral pattern in the background and couple's name in script font on a decorative sage green banner.

Delicate pink and light purple orchids in soft daylight make for fun and pretty sticker decorations for bridal showers, gift bags, and more.

A soft pink and cream flower in watercolor style is the background for these wedding sticker decorations, which you can personalize with your own names or custom message.

A soft pink rose sticker almost seems like it smells as pretty as it looks. Great for bridal shower decor, gift bags and envelopes.

A soft vintage, collage style background in pastel cream and pink is perfect for a script "Bride & Groom", which you can edit yourself online for quick and easy bridal shower decorations.

These simple, stylish wedding stickers present a single white calla lily against an elegant black background, and cream script text that can be customized with your names or custom message.

A soft, textured pink rosebud is the sole focus of this round wedding sticker seal, great for shower decorations, gift bags, napkins, envelopes ... a fun and easy way to dress up your event.

A close-up of a soft red, perfect red rose makes for vibrant and delightful stickers, which can be used on envelopes for wedding invitations, or as red rose wedding or shower decorations.

A swirly script monogram initial is paired with script names (which you can change to your own) against a vintage pink damask patterned background in these wedding stickers.

These brown and cream colored damask wedding stickers have a chocolate brown accent bar and the couple's name in script font. Easily change names on this design.

This wedding sticker features a vintage damask floral pattern with a white accent bar and the couple's name in gray script font. Easily add your own names to this design.

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