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Black & White RSVP Stamps

Four serif letters: "RSVP", of varying weights, are the focus of this classy and elegant black and white postage.

"RSVP" is written in black handwriting style font for a graceful look against a white background, surrounded by a thin border.

This black and white rsvp postage stamp features letters of a bolder weight, for a timeless simplicity that's sure to impress.

A thinner, art deco type font is used here for that 20s feel, accented by decorate floral bars, in this chic black and white postage.

"RSVP" is in white handwriting against a plain black backdrop, to make a simple but fashionable statement.

This black and white RSVP postage is truly dapper: it features a tuxedo, complete with jacket and bowtie, for that extra pizazz.

This RSVP postage features a fancy pink border, and the words are embellished with ornate decorate scroll elements.

A single white rose is framed over a black bar in this simple blac and white "RSVP" postage, which also features flowing script.

A single, young pink rose rises against the plain black of this rsvp postage, and harmonizes perfectly with thin lettering.

Red and Pink RSVP Stamps

Beams of light illuminate brushed dark red, as though through water, while "RSVP" is written in thin capitals in the corner of this breathtaking wedding postage.

Delicate floral elements and faded handwriting come together to give stylish charm to the dark red background in this script RSVP postage stamp.

"RSVP" is written in swirly white script against a burgundy and deep red brushed backdrop, with a thin, elegant border, in these wedding postage stamps.

A white winter rose looks fragrant and soft against a bright red background, while "rsvp" is written in energetic script for a delightful postage stamp.

A single, young pink rose rises against the plain black of this rsvp postage, and harmonizes perfectly with thin lettering. More wedding postage with flowers.

A brightly colored, deep pink tulip opens up to "rsvp" text in dark pink script, all against a plain white background in this floral rsvp wedding postage.

A perfect red rose is framed within a black and white square against a charcoal accent bar, with a simple classy "RSVP".

An ornate black and white damask is the background behind a vivid red square bearing "RSVP" in white script. More damask wedding postage.

"RSVP" is offset by elaborate, swirly scroll elements within a pink frame, all against a black background.

This nautical wedding postage features a sailboat sailing through stylized waves of circles and swirls, with "RSVP" in pink above.

A simple sail design features a mast with waving flags, a pink and white striped sail, and a white triangular sail, in this sea themed RSVP postage.

A simple pink flower drawing is the focus of this pink and white RSVP postage - sweet, charming, and simple.

A soft floral pattern in palest blush pink and gentle white is the background to a sheer accent bar bearing "RSVP" in ash gray, elegant script.

A perfect red rose is the background for this rsvp wedding postage featuring a black and white accent bar.

Two red roses intertwine romantically in this postage, which also features strong pattern and classic script elements in black and white.

A palm tree is silhouetted in the evening light against a deep ocean, while sunset hues of red, orange and pink light up the sky. Perfect postage for your beach themed wedding!

Cream, Brown and Gold RSVP Stamps

Love on the beach: one of our most popular postage designs is available for an rsvp theme, with two hearts drawn in the sand and an ocean wave framing "RSVP". More beach postage.

A chocolate brown background, thin art deco style frame, and old-fashioned classic script letters, this chocolate RSVP postage is simple, but striking.

A detailed damask pattern border frames a chocolate brown square bearing "RSVP" in elegant script capital letters.

Two soft golden hearts brush gently together against a sunset background, while a script love verse is faded into the foreground and "RSVP" is in chocolate script above.

Script handwriting is screened against a dusky sunset colored background, while "RSVP" is in Roman style caps in this wedding postage.

A soft cream banner gently rests against a beautiful, brushed peach background, bearing "RSVP" and framed by the text "Going to the chapel..." for spirited autumn wedding postage.

An ethereal cream rose is the warm and dreamy centerpiece of this simple rsvp postage, featuring chocolate brown script as well.

This RSVP stamp, perfect for darker or metallic envelopes, features a close-up of a soft, creamy white rose softly unfolding, with "RSVP" in chocolate script in the corner.

A calla lily bouquet is nestled into the satin ribbon of a layered white wedding cake in one of our most popular postage designs. More wedding cake stamps.

An ornate damask black and cream pattern borders a sheer square bearing "RSVP" in grunge script letters. See our damask wedding stamps.

Two golden hearts intertwine, fanciful and animated, above "RSVP" written in black, all against a simple white background in this heart themed rsvp postage.

A fancy, formal gold and white place setting makes for RSVP postage that will help set the tone for your elegant wedding.

A vintage, textured cream background with little blue flowers is accented by a diagonal, sweet scalloped ribbon bearing a script "RSVP" in this vintage wedding stamp.

Two green palm trees frame a huge setting sun against a golden sky and deep blue ocean, making the perfect RSVP postage for your beach theme wedding.

Purple, Blue, and Green RSVP Stamps

Shifting hues of deep blue, reminiscent of shiny satin and underwater beams of light, is the beautiful background for this RSVP wedding postage stamp.

The movement of glowing green colors in this RSVP wedding stamp is reminiscent of a dappled forest canopy in sunlight, or shiny satin.

A deep navy blue is the background for this RSVP postage, featuring ornate script letters in alternating gold and silver metallic shades.

A dark royal blue background gently highlights "RSVP" in plain white script in this simple, classic wedding postage stamp.

Various shades of blue in shiny, mosaic stained glass are the backdrop for capital serif "RSVP" letters in this subtly textured postage.

This postage stamp features a simple cream background with thin, intersecting frames of navy and tan, and "RSVP" in bold, classic navy blue serif letters.

A deep eggplant purple is the background for "RSVP" and a white wedding cake topped with roses in this wedding postage stamp.

A deep violet, textured background is paired with "rsvp" in simple sans serif in this white and purple wedding stamp.

A deep mossy green is the backdrop for a dark royal blue oval, bearing "RSVP" in fancy, script letters with lots of swirls.

An artistic background of blue and green features brushed, watercolor style paint swirls, while "RSVP" is written in casual script in this pretty wedding postage.

A single, cream calla lily rises against a dark, forest green background, with "rsvp" written in cream script on the side, in this classic rsvp wedding stamp.

A wedding reception place setting, with accents of sage green and metallic silver, make for an RSVP stamp that will help set the tone for your elegant wedding.

A soft, lovely white lily is paired with "RSVP" in deep chocolate brown in this floral wedding postage.

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