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Lovely "Thank You!" designs for your wedding, anniversary or other special occasion.

FREE Customization on thank you stamps and cards! At Perfect Postage, we can create personal thank you notes and postage stamps with your colors, flowers, design ideas. Make your thank you correspondence personal - and perfect - with Perfect Postage designs. Contact us to get started!

At Perfect Postage, we can create customized cards and postage that will be perfect for your occasion.

Lovely shade of yellow and gold calla lily with subtle tan / brown background. Perfect yellow calla thank you design for your wedding decorations. Add your own text inside. Don't forget the matching postage stamps!

Matching Thank You Cards & Postage Stamps

Matching Thank You postage is shown below the Thank You card descriptions. If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we can create a custom Thank You design just for you!

These stunning calla lily thank you notes feature an elegant calla lily bouquet to make for beautiful thank you cards ... customize your note inside or add a photo of your special event!

These Winter White Thank You Cards feature a chocolate brown background with winter white flower and "Thank you" in script. Perfect card with matching stamps for your thank you notes.

Spring Daisy - Thank you! Spring daisy in beautiful cream with THANK YOU embossed on the card ... easy to customize inside with your own message of gratitude. Don't forget the matching stamps.

These pink and purple thank you cards and stamps feature a colorful bouquet with pink roses and purple berries against a lavender background. Thank you in fancy brown script font.

Love on the Beach: these cards and stamps feature two hearts intertwined, drawn on the sand of the beach, one of our most popular designs. Perfect for a destination wedding! See more beach wedding postage.

These "Thank You" cards and postage feature a colorful, elegant bouquet with a red rose, white hydrangea, and pink, yellow and purple accents. Customize the inside of the card with your message!

These "Mr. and Mrs." cards are perfect for sending out your first correspondence as a married couple - often a Thank You card to thank guests for their love and support at your wedding!

A bouquet of elegant, slender white calla lilies is a pretty cake topper in these cream colored Thank You cards and postage. Add your own text to the inside of the card to make it custom!

Two soft golden hearts float in a brown and gold sunset, while "Thank You!" is written in elegant chocolate brown script, and "Love is patient, love is kind..." Bible verse is screened over the hearts.

A single pink rose bud is the focus of these simple black, white and pink thank you cards and postage stamps. Personalize the inside of the card by adding your own personal note of gratitude.

A bouquet of beautiful white roses with sprays of baby's breath is the focus of these "Thanks!" greeting cards and USPS postal stamps. Add your own message to the card, then mail it off with custom postage!

A bright, cheery, and delicately beautiful daffodil greets the viewer in these green, pink and white wedding Thank You cards. Matching postage stamps are of course also available!

These old-fashioned thank you cards feature a painted image of large pink garden roses with a vintage striped and ornamented background and "Thank You" in classy script.

These romantic, vintage thank you cards feature a faded rose, soft old-fashioned handwriting, and a vintage, glowing cream and powder pink color scheme. Add your own message to make it custom!

These thank you note cards are perfect for an outdoor wedding, featuring lovely purple flowers with a soft green background. Mail them with the perfect, custom postage to match!

Fun blue flower design - with thank you in blue script font. This simple and festive design makes for a great look for your thank you notes and postage stamps.

These elegant thank you notes feature a cream damask pattern fading into deep, maroon red with "Thank You" written in fancy silver script. Perfect for fancy, elegant weddings.

This sophisticated, dark blue thank you design features silver flowers embellished with sophisticated swirls, and "Thank You" written in swirly, silver script font.

At Perfect Postage, we can create customized cards and postage that will be perfect for your occasion.

Lovely pink tulips and spring flowers decorate this white wedding cake. White accent box and soft pink background compliment the design. Gray script font with "Thank you!" and room to customize inside any way you like. Don't forget the matching postage stamps!

More Thank You Postage Stamps

"Thank You" is written in an all-caps, Roman style font against a soft brushed strawberry and pale pink background. These pretty pink stamps are the perfect postage for your wedding thank you cards!

A dark red, textured background gives way to "Thank You!" in white script and the hint of pink flowers in the corner. Customize these stamps by adding a message!

"Thank You" is in elegant white script against a rose red and deep pink, soft background of subtle, faded hearts in these gratitude postage stamps.

The swirl of a single, pale pink calla lily against smooth green leaves is joined by script "Thank You" to make this striking and pretty thank you postage.

A colorful bouquet of burnt orange calla lilies is the gorgeous star of these Thank You postage stamps, perfect for autumn weddings. More flower wedding stamps.

A classic, cream and black damask pattern joins with "Thank You" in black script font to create these sweet and old-fashioned thank you stamps. More damask wedding postage.

A delicate, ethereal purple iris flower is joined by "Thank You" in script and serif fonts against deep aubergine purple, in these floral thank you stamps.

These small, square thank you stamps with an ever so soft, swirling cream rose with "Thank You" in gold script, will really make your envelopes pop.

A pretty peach rose is bordered with a pale pink accent bar bearing "Thank You" in charcoal gray text in these pink thank you postal stamps.

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